2017 Annual Meeting & Expo and Centennial Celebration

May 10-12 in Lake Placid, NY
NYSAND 2017 Annual Meeting & Expo
and Centennial Celebration Snapshots!

Lake Placid's Mayor Randall proclaims May 11th, 2017 "New York State Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics Centennial Day" to honor New York State RDs & DTRs!

Attendees checking out the fabulous information and products from participating vendors. 
 Excellent Centennial Dinner at Lake Placid's High Peaks Resort!
NYSAND President Diana Monaco and three-time U.S. Olympian and Luge World Champion Erin Hamlin, who provided a motivational and enlightening presentation after the awards ceremony.
Academy President Lucille Beseler and fellow NYSAND members 'bustin' a move' at the energetic Gala event
We have a winner! NYSAND's 2017 AME began with a fun and delicious Health Burger Cook Off! 


NYSAND Thanks Our 2017 AME Committee for a Great Annual Meeting & Expo and Centennial Celebration!

Left to Right: Janice Shaw - 2017 AME Co-Chair, Sari Schlussel-Leeds - NYSAND 2015-16 President, Diana Monaco - NYSAND 2016-17 President,
and Sandra McNeil - 2017 AME Co-Chair celebrating their hard work in Lake Placid!

NYSAND Annual Meeting & Expo (AME) and Centennial Celebration Teasers

NYSAND History Revealed


Starting in June 2016, the NYSAND monthly newsletter has featured the stories behind Lake Placid's history, and the awards offered by the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to its members in order to provide newsletter readers with a rich history of this year's AME location and meaning. Those stories are something to cherish, appreciate, and continue to build on as NYSAND looks to the future: the Second Century. If you missed out on all the wonderful Lake Placid and/or NYSAND award history stories, please visit NYSAND's Newsletter Archive and Awards Page. (Sign in is required)

The NYSAND Board would like to thank Sandi McNeil, MA, RD, CDN, FADA, and Dorothy Hares, MA, RDN, CNSC, CDN, RAND for their contributions, which have made the history sections of the monthly newsletter possible. Filled with interesting stories of our 2017 AME's location, and our organization's history and recognition system, Sandi and Dorothy have brought light to just how embedded NYSAND is within the profession of dietetics. Whether it was through the Academy's initiatives, local NY food and nutrition specialists' determination, outstandlngly active members whose names and actions remain known through honorary awards, or through our own tireless efforts to keep the profession advancing to higher levels or national and global recognition, Sand and Dorothy have brought those stories to you, our NYSAND newsletter readers.

To continue the storytelling, banners have been created for each of New York's ten district affiliates, and at our 2017 Annual Meeting & Expo, Dorothy paid recognition to each district, sharing her memories from district visits, including thoughtful gestures to bring our organization's members even closer. Each district will be sharing their own story behind their banner's design, revealing the history and events that lead to each district's formation.

Please look for those stories in upcoming newsletter issues, and learn the events that led to what we are proud to call our New York district affiliates. 

We're excited to read these stories! Are you?!