Updated Pricing Structure:

UPDATES FROM CDR 5/11/2020: CDR has approved an expansion of the Activity Type 175: Recorded Pre-Approved maximum CPEUs to 45 CPEUs for RDs and 30 CPEUs for DTRs for all cycles that are currently active. Starting with cycles beginning June 2, 2021, the maximum CPEUs will return to 30 CPEUs for RDs and 20 for DTRs.

Please note that In order for a recording to be eligible for credit, the recorded presentation must have been either preapproved by CDR for credit when it was presented live or offered by one of CDR’s accredited CPE providers. In addition, the recording must be listened to/viewed within 3 years of the original date of the live presentation (e.g., a recording of a presentation given on September 15, 2016, could be viewed for credit through September 14, 2019). AME 2019 On Demand meets this criteria.

AME ON DEMAND - fully synchronized audio and PowerPoint captures - from NYSAND's 2019 Annual Meeting & Expo is now available.  Don't miss out on today's hottest nutrition trends and research from the comfort of your own home.

Available for viewing until April 6th, 2022, utilize AME ON DEMAND to increase your knowledge while earning CPE credits on your own time! AME ON DEMAND features:

  • 14 sessions from 4 educational tracks
  • 24/7 education via online streaming
  • Up to 14 CPEUs for self-study (each session is worth 1 CPEU)

NYSAND would like to offer you a complimentary session just for being a member.  The free session is available through the main AME ON DEMAND Vimeo page, and can be viewed by clicking the "Watch Trailer" button. Full session descriptions can be viewed HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do recordings cost?
Pricing is listed next to each session within the Vimeo NYSAND AME ON DEMAND webpage.

How long do I have access to AME ON DEMAND recordings?
Recordings are available until April 6, 2022.

What presentations are available through AME ON DEMAND?
Please CLICK HERE for information regarding each available recorded session, including session title, speaker, description, and learning objectives.

Do I need to download any programs or use a certain web browser in order to access AME ON DEMAND recordings?
AME ON DEMAND is provided through Vimeo. For system requirements, CLICK HERE.

How do I get my CEU certificate(s)?
Once you watch a purchased recording, you will need to complete an evaluation survey of that recording. Afterwards, the CPEU certificate link for download and Activity code will be provided on the final page of the survey.

How do I log my CPEs for AME ON DEMAND?
Each viewed recorded session needs to be logged into CDR's LOG individually.  AME ON DEMAND recordings are approved as "175. Recorded Pre-Approved CPE." When logging a viewed recording, select activity type 175.

What if I attended AME 2019 in Syracuse, NY?
Great news! You will have access to all provided AME 2019 recordings at no additional cost. Please contact [email protected] to confirm your attendance and receive your ALL ACCESS PASSCODE. Full (Friday & Saturday) or Saturday Only registration is required. 

NYSAND AME ON DEMAND - Presentations, Speakers & Session Descriptions

Presentation Title & PowerPoint
(for Download)
Speaker(s) Session Description

The Farm to Fork Journey: Bringing Taste and Nutrition to Your Table
Christopher Noble
Cynthia Haskins

Christopher Noble & Cynthia Haskins

Understanding the journey that dairy, fruit, and vegetables take from the farm to the table is just as important as the taste and nutrition of the food itself. Cynthia Haskins, President and CEO of New York Apple Association, and Chris Noble, MBA and co-owner of Noblehurst Farms, will share insights in traditional and modern production practices, climate and soil benefits to our food source, and how agriculture impacts our multi-generational farmers, communities, and our state. New York agriculture plays a prominent role in our country as we are fourth in dairy production, fifth in fruit and vegetable production, and the second largest producer of apples. No wonder we’re called “The Big Apple”. 

Tips and Tools for Creating a Successful Telehealth Nutrition Private Practice Lisa Stollman, MS, RDN, CDE, CDN, CLT

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, consistent evidence reports that telehealth provided by a registered dietitian nutritionist resulted in significant improvements in weight, BMI, A1C, and  lipids. This timely session will show RDNs how to implement and grow a HIPAA-compliant Telehealth private practice. Attendees will also be informed on such issues as licensure and Telehealth and where RDNs can legally practice medical nutrition therapy.

Getting to Yum - Leveraging Nutrition Communications, Current Perceptions,
and Trending Topics to Become Relevant to Today's Consumers
Leslie J. Bonci, MPH, RD, CSSD, LDN & Shelly Kessen

Oh, to be the perfect peach. Or, a mouth-watering mango. Or, what about those avocados? They’re the Beyoncé of produce. Let’s face it. Certain foods are seen as sexier than others. This session is dedicated to unsung produce heroes - the prunes and parsnips; beets and beans - that need a little help owning their awesomeness. Explore how trends, societal context, well-crafted nutrition communications and savvy branding can help consumers embrace some of the healthiest foods around.

Federal Public Policy Update Liz Campbell, MA, RD

Presenter Liz Campbell, MA, RD will discuss the public policy priorities of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and how you can become involved and advocate for your profession

Cultural Competence in the World of
Dietetics & Nutrition
Michelle Mena, RD, CDN, CNSC

This session will discuss the use of strategies to develop cultural competence and steps that can be taken to better assess the nutritional needs of an overall increasingly diverse patient population.

Supporting NY Food: The RD's Role in Expanding Community Collaborations Ehle Shachter, Heather Hudson, RD, & Lela Niemetz, MS, RD, CDN

We have worked hard behind the scenes to put together an amazing panel of experts who are thrilled to offer attendees a unique look into the role nutrition professionals play in supporting the New York State agricultural system. Attending this session will provide you with the knowledge and tools to:

  1. Describe the current state and logistics of NY agriculture
  2. Illustrate the roles of the nutrition professional in supporting NY farm-to-fork
  3. Describe resources the nutrition professional can utilize to connect to and promote NY agriculture
CBD (Cannabidiol): Breaking in the Health Space -
How Healthcare Professionals Can Lead the Conversation
Emily Kyle, MS, RDN, CDN, CLT

CBD is gaining traction as an alternative care option and as a result, CBD products are rapidly increasing in availability and use. As healthcare professionals, we need to be at the forefront of this fast-growing industry. Research findings give us the knowledge needed to help our clients recognize CBD’s potential in many instances of symptom and disease management. In this discussion, Emily Kyle will present evidence to support the integration of CBD into your practice.

Demystifying Insurance & Navigating the Claims Landscape Kendall Singleton

Make health insurance work for your practice! We know that getting set up with insurance in your private practice takes time and patience. What is an NPI number, exactly? When can I expect payment from the insurance company? How does accepting insurance help me grow my practice?  

Diagnosis or Death: The Missed Diagnosis of Type I Diabetes Susan Weiner, MS, RDN, CDE, CDN

As RDN’s,  are painfully aware of the growing number of children and adults suffering irreversible complications or death as a result of missed diagnosed diabetes. With the rise of the incidences of type 1 and 2 diabetes being diagnosed via Diabetic Ketoacidosis, this presentation will discuss the latest data available from diabetes registry’s throughout the US.  This presentation will discuss the remarkable initiatives currently available on diabetes symptom awareness and share pro-active solutions for education.

GI Microbiome Modulation using Key Dietary Nutrients Gertrude B. Pfost, MS

The presentation is intended to present advanced and up-to-date information about the functional roles of the GI microbiome and its impact on human health, obesity and type 2 diabetes management.  It explores the possibility of improving health by the intake of specific nutrients intended to modulate the microbiome for improved function and production of SCFA.

Health and weight management recommendations can involve life style changes that are often difficult to achieve.  Dietary choices have direct and indirect influences on health via the role of the microbiome. The story of the relevance of the health of the gut microbiome to our relationship with food can be a new motivation.  Scientific evidence is mounting that connects the means of achieving a healthy microbiome to important health measures of the individual.  The presentation shares with professionals a novel science-based approach to help with weight management, blood sugar levels, immune support, occasional diarrhea, and occasional GI disturbances when taking metformin.  

In this presentation, GI microbiome anatomy and function are reviewed in order to set the stage in the large intestine, before launching into specific interactions of the microbiota with dietary nutrients.  Next is a discussion of the types of nutrients needed. To conclude, clinical data testing a combination of specific prebiotic nutrients is presented.  

Fundraising and Grant-Writing Basics for Dietitians Erika Hval, MS, RD, CDN

While careers in the nutrition field become increasingly diverse, the need for funding to support dietitians’ work and programming remains universal. This session, developed for dietitians who are new or relatively new to fundraising, will review the basics of searching for appropriate funding sources, as well as the fundamentals of crafting strong letters of inquiry/grant proposals. It will also incorporate content in response to specific questions that registered attendees may submit prior to the session.

Dietitians & Community Organizations:
Collaboration for Successful Farm to School Programs
Julie Raway, MPH, RDN, CDN, SNS, FAND & Erin Summerlee

The session will explore a dietitian’s role in farm to school and cover strategies to start and grow programs through leveraging resources. Participants will discuss approaches for developing farm to school goals across classroom, cafeteria, and community, and building partnerships to meet goals. The session will highlight successes and challenges from 5+ years of collaboration between Broome-Tioga BOCES Food Service and Food and Health Network to create the Southern Tier Farm to School Program.

Dietitian Integration into Primary Care Julie Leonard, RD, CDN

This session will provide a look into the world of DSRIP in action.  Learn how innovation funding through DSRIP efforts allowed Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton, NY to propel Registered Dietitians into the primary care setting.  Nutrition therapy assisted in improving nutritional status and overall health in our community, as evidenced by extensive data collection.  Learn how Dietitians can add value and promise for our field in the ever-changing world of healthcare.

My Cancer Treatment is Finished...Now What?


Jean LaMantia, RD


According to the American Cancer Society, 15.5 million Americans have a history of cancer. This includes those who have recently completed treatment. While cancer center professionals are expert at detecting and treating cancer, many cancer survivors who finish treatment can feel lost as they try to navigate their next steps. In this talk, cancer survivor, registered dietitian and author Jean LaMantia, will share her first person account of life after treatment ends and how this empowered her to focus her professional career on helping cancer survivors do everything they can to reduce their risk of recurrence. Jean will share her 3 Keys to Cancer Risk Reduction and her best tools for educating and empowering clients to take their health into their own hands.