Annual Meeting & Expo 2019
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The NYSAND AME 2019 team has crafted a media kit which includes AME 2019 promotional materials for all audiences involved. NYSAND encourages its members, nutrition and dietetics students, and prospective attendees to review and share the following promotional materials:

The AME 2019 Backgrounder provides an overview of the NYSAND organization and AME, and how to participate as a donor, sponsor, or exhibitor. Ideal for media outlets, this document is an introductory promotional piece for NYSAND’s 2019 event.

The NYSAND AME 2019 Sponsorkit & Prospectus provides in-depth historical event information, NYSAND member and attendee demographics, past participating organization information, as well as AME 2019 available sponsorship packages and exhibitor booth information. Registration for sponsors, exhibitors/vendors, and donors is included.

NYSAND district affiliates are encouraged to inform their district members about AME 2019. Feel free to use the AME 2019 District Presentation  which includes event information and highlights, a tentative schedule, Media Kit components, important AME dates, and AME 2019 social media information.

Promoting AME 2019 to any audience is now easier than ever with the following e-mail templates:

The Social Media Messaging document helps assist in promoting AME 2019 through social media outlets. Refer to the document for social media information, suggested promotional phrasing, links, and hashtags. Help spread the word through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

The Social Media Marketing Tips document provides helpful information about how to best use various social media platforms for effective, far reaching AME 2019 promotion.
Choose from a variety of Digital Images when promoting AME 2019 across various social media platforms.
The AME 2019 Student Poster generates excitement about the event and informs nutrition and dietetics students of AME 2019's student specific benefits, while the Student & Emerging Nutrition Professionals Symposium Flyer helps promote the exclusive 2-hour rotating workshop session designed specifically for our upcoming and new dietetic practitioners.