Nominations and Elections





It has been my pleasure to serve as your NYSAND/GNYDA board member. With an MBA and project management experience, I will use my leadership skills to improve membership engagement and public awareness. I want all members across NY to receive equal and positive benefits such as professional development and networking opportunities. My leadership will ensure we are the primary influencers of nutrition education, public health, food accessibility and sustainability, and nutrition services. We are the experts! 


MaryLou Plante MS, RDN, CDN

As secretary/treasurer of NYSAND, I will continue to provide careful oversight of NYSAND’s fiscal business and responsibilities. I will be diligent and timely in providing reports and strive to provide input and leadership on the Board of Directors.

I have many years of experience in multiple areas of food and nutrition. I have demonstrated valuable experience by serving in multiple leadership roles in both professional and community organizations. I am committed to maintain the integrity of the RDN and NDTR credentials.

Delegate - CNYDA/MRDA


Mary Beth O'Meara RDN, CDN

As Delegate for CNYDA/MRDA, I am committed to attending meetings, will be conscientious, and keep abreast of topics of interest to fellow members. I will communicate member and professional issues, identify trends and provide support, communication and any recommendations to district officials and members pertinent to their needs.

I will listen actively to the interests of members, apply ethical principles and be mindful of all in our mission to serve the Academy and our fellow members. My organizational skills and experience will help support and improve processes and relationships to hopefully make a difference.

Delegate - GNYDA/LIDA

Rita Batheja MS, RDN, CDN, FAND, AFMCP

I seek support, passion and service from students, interns, NDTRS and RDNS. Advocate for policies to support safe, nutrition food and water. Communication and collaboration with second century leaders. Increase and embrace diversity. Each member to be familiar with standard of practice (SOP) and Standard of Professional Performance (SOPP). Your voice to the academy of nutrition and dietetics (AND). Inspire non academy NYSAND members to join academy explaining membership value and bring reverence to NYSAND.