Membership in NYSAND is contingent upon membership in the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. On your membership application, please list New York as your state affiliate and you will automatically become a NYSAND member. You do not have to be a New York State resident to elect New York as your state affiliate.

Top Ten Benefits of Being a NYSAND Member

  1. Networking Opportunities - district meetings, social functions, fundraising events, and continuing professional education (CPE) opportunities give you the chance to network with other dietitians in the NY area. The key to moving your career in the direction you want to head is learning from others who have been there and done that!
  2. Employment Opportunities - current listing of job opportunities throughout New York State available on our member’s only pages.
  3. NYSAND eCalendar- sign up and you are instantly linked to the New York nutrition community. Receive regular emails to remind you of meetings, upcoming events, CPE opportunities, website updates, and volunteer opportunities.
  4. NYSAND E-Newsletter - Received monthly e-newsletters and on-line access to NYSDA’s E-News that highlights leadership activities, media spotlights, and events within our ten local districts.
  5. Legislation - stay informed of legislative issues that effect the registered dietitian in NY State and nationally, and what you can do to help.
  6. Nutrition Resources - easy access to key resources that will help enhance your nutrition and food knowledge, and career.
  7. NYSAND's Strategic Goals - as a member you will be able to view NYSAND’s strategic goals, objectives and tactics for the annual year and see what we are doing for you and your community.
  8. Leadership Opportunities - leadership opportunities are available to members who choose to become involved. Progressive responsibilities as a volunteer can also positively support a professional in their work roles.
  9. Enjoy all the AND Member Benefits - such as, the AND Times, Evidence Analysis Library, Nationwide Nutrition Network (NNN), Scientific Summaries, Member Service Center and lots more.
  10. Opportunity to join AND Dietetic Practice Groups - these special interest groups enable members to improve their job performance, gain insight into specialized areas of food and nutrition, and network with colleagues by enrolling in one or more of 29 different practice groups.